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What’s It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Ep. 4

What’s It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Ep. 4

March 29, 2022

In this last podcast of this series, Lance once agains sits down with Beth Koep to talk about emotional intelligence and the importance it plays in relationships.

They will be talking about what it looks like when our bodies are responding to and reflecting our emotions. They also cover the following topics:

  • What happens when we try to block feelings?
  • How do our perceptions affect our emotions, thoughts and actions?
  • How do we slow down our reactions so that we can respond to others well?
  • How do we balance the reason/emotion teeter totter? 
  • What happens when we try to stop our child from experiencing difficult emotions?

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What's It Like To Be In Relationship With Me?


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What Is It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Ep. 2

What Is It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Ep. 2

October 14, 2021

Lance Wigton and Beth Keop are back – and in this episode, they break down what it looks like when our Core Values are challenged. Lance shares his experience with doing the homework Beth had assigned during Ep. 1 – asking the people around him what they believed his values were. He did not get the response he expected.


Beth debriefs the situation with Lance and helps him investigate his own actions and impulses to determine the root emotion he was experiencing, for the purpose of helping him discover his Core Values.


Some of the topics addressed in this episode are:


  • What does it mean if I feel bad?


  • What does it look like to be curious about my emotions?


  • How do I know the difference between a thought and an emotion?


  • Why is it important to identify my emotions?


Beth walks us through a visual and shows us how to look at a prompting event in our life and determine the action we wanted to take in response to it, which will lead us to the primary emotion we were experiencing. This process will help us discover the core value that is being blocked or attacked.


Having this information can help us rein in some of our overblown emotional responses to the situations around us, which could be a pivotal tool to help us increase self-awareness and raise our Emotional Intelligence level towards both ourselves and those around us.


You can download the transcript of this podcast HERE

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What Is It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Ep.1

What Is It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Ep.1

September 2, 2021

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Lance Wigton, Communications Director at Real Life Ministries is back again with Beth Keop, Counselor, in episode 1 of a new series we are calling: "What is it like to be in relationship with me?" In this series Lance and Beth will be examining many of the facets and nuances of Emotional Intelligence. They will help you take a look at yourself and discover what it is like for others to be in relationship with you.   

Join us to learn how to identify and understand the emotions of yourself and others on an individual, personal and situational level. Learn to engage in new ways that build emotional intelligence skills and enhance your personal and professional relationships.

In this episode they discuss how to determine what we value by the strength of our emotional reactions, and how to apply the same techniques to those we interact with. 

You will walk away from this episode with some steps you can implement into you life now to move you towards better self-awareness about the things you value.

  • What do I compare myself too?
  • Where do I spend my time and money?
  • What do I react to? 
  • Who can I ask for feedback? 

Click below to download the list of Core Values that Beth mentions:

List of Core Values

Click below to watch Lance and Beth's previous episode:

What is Emotional Intelligence and Why do I Need It?

Click below to register for Beth's Emotional Intelligence Class at Real Life Ministries, Post Falls Campus.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence 



How Do You Make Time For Discipleship? Ep. #005

How Do You Make Time For Discipleship? Ep. #005

February 13, 2019

 Real Discipleship  -  For Real People -  In Real Life

Jim Putman and Lance Wigton discuss finding, or making, time in your life for discipleship. How much time will it really take to disciple someone? What things should come first in our lives according to God's view? What are some things we could/should move to the back burner? Listen to Jim and Lance discuss these issues and more!   

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